The Big Apple was the location and the brightest individuals in our industry were there. Recently, Callum Y., our AIP Inc Director of Operations, traveled to New York City to attend a meeting with his industry peers. Together, they discussed upcoming partnerships and best practices in the industry while networking with each other. Let’s hear from Callum about why these events add value professionally and personally:

” Knowledge: “These conferences are treasure troves of knowledge,” Callum explained. “We discuss the latest techniques for building awareness that work in different regions. We get to share ideas with our peers on everything from goal attainment to managing our teams and helping our people realize their career objectives.”

” Networking: “There’s nothing better than meeting someone we might have exchanged emails with in person,” said Callum. “Of course, there’s also the opportunity to connect with industry leaders who are there to share their inspirational stories with us. We emphasize the importance of building professional networks at AIP Inc, and these meetings offer us a chance to do so effectively.”

” Adventure: “We were in the most electrifying city in the country, if not the world!” Callum stated. “It’s great to meet new people and have a chance to bond while exploring some of the most diverse attractions found anywhere.”

At AIP Inc, we embrace each chance to travel to conferences and other events. Follow us on Twitter to see where we’re headed next.