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Our AIP team is full of talented and passionate people.

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Callum Young


Background:Waiter, Bartender, Student

Passion:The passion is happiness, anywhere doing anything.

Motivation Motto: “Seek to understand before seeking to be understood.”

Nicole Poppell


Background: Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Employment Specialist, Hospitality.

Passion: I am passionate about employment and allowing people to be happy with their work. In the past, I have worked with adults that have disabilities or barriers and helped them to obtain employment within their fields of interest. I love being able to work with people that are passionate about what they do and using the opportunities they are given to optimize their lifestyle. Health and well-being in the workplace is my passion.

Motto: “No one is the Reason of your Happiness Except You yourself”

Carlos Urzua

Crew Leader

The fact that I am able to make an impact on the world and at the same time I’m surrounded by amazing people and an amazing environment.

Passion: I can get very passionate about building cars.

Motivation Motto: “Chase your dreams because the biggest regret in life is not doing enough with it.”

Marc Huerta

Trainee Manager

Background: Military, Retail, Peer Mentor

Passion: People & Food

Motivational Motto: “Comfortability is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there.”

Patrick McEachem

Trainee Manager

Background: Construction, Auto, Soccer

Passion: Giving others the opportunities that I have had.

Motto: “Where there is no struggle there is no strength.”

Rebecca Krupa

Trainee Manager

Background: Stage Management for theatre, Restaurant/Retail Management, and I was also a band and choir teacher for a few years! I most recently stage managed “Anne” for Mesa Encore Theatre last November.

Passion: I am very passionate about changing the world by helping others realize their true potential and creating the life of their dreams alongside me. I have learned that most of the challenges we face are in our own minds, so I am helping others create a mind shift, so we can all get out of our own way to success. My goal is to make sure my needs are taken care of and then just give back as much as I possibly can. We need a lot more positive love and compassion in our world, so I will do my part in that.

Motto: “To be better than you’ve ever been before, you must first do something you’ve never done before”- unknown

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