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Our AIP community is full of talented and passionate people.

The culture within the AIP network helps people discover their strengths and hone their talents in business. Anyone with ambition can take advantage of hands-on learning in the basics of entrepreneurship. Support and recognition are available to those who put in the effort. This ensures a clear path to reaching their personal and professional goals while advancing the missions of social justice organizations and ethical businesses alike. Our shared energy fuels the impact we make every day. Learn more about our leaders.

Callum Young


Background:Waiter, Bartender, Student

Passion:The passion is happiness, anywhere doing anything.

Motivation Motto: “Seek to understand before seeking to be understood.”


Background: College Grad,Alpha Phi Alumni

Passion: Making a difference, and giving people life changing opportunities

Motivation Motto: “We don’t grow when things are easy. We grow when we face challenges”

Patrick McEachem

Crew Leader

Background: Construction, Auto, Soccer

Passion: Giving others the opportunities that I have had.

Motto: “Where there is no struggle there is no strength.”

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Carlos Urzua

Assistant Owner

The fact that I am able to make an impact on the world and at the same time I’m surrounded by amazing people and an amazing environment.

Passion: I can get very passionate about building cars.

Motivation Motto: “Chase your dreams because the biggest regret in life is not doing enough with it.”

Tyler Walker

Promoting Leader

Background:Landscaping, property maintenance.

Passion:Helping others and giving back. Showing people that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Motivation Motto: “You only believe what you wish to achieve”

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