As we continue along on our AIP Inc career journeys, we are moving into leadership positions. Here are a few things we’ve learned along the way:

” Whenever You Present an Issue, Have a Solution in Mind: While problem-solving skills certainly contribute to effective leadership, people who try to help shoulder the burden are appreciated. Even if their suggestions aren’t used, the efforts are sure to be remembered in a positive light.

” Learn About Topics Outside Your Current Role: This is important, but also something managers might feel reluctant to encourage. After all, if team members spend too much time focused on topics outside their current roles, they might not gain the necessary expertise required to excel. Our AIP Inc approach to learning is this: we strive for mastery in whatever position we currently occupy, but we keep in mind the positions we want to fill in the future and gain knowledge in those areas as time allows.

” Consider Yourself an Understudy: Actors always have understudies ready to fill in for them if they are unable to perform. Those seeking to become managers have a similar task. When they see a chance to support their team leaders, they should take it. When a person does this often enough, he or she ends up proving the ability handle leadership long-term.

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