Recognition is one of the most powerful motivating forces for professionals, and we make sure it’s a big part of our AIP Inc office. We show our appreciation to those team members who embrace our company’s mission and values, while also congratulating those who achieve remarkable milestones in their career journeys.

This month, we wanted to use this blog to shine our AIP Inc spotlight on one of our company’s rising stars. “Sarah is very teachable, and dives into hard work,” stated Callum, our firm’s Director of Operations. “Her maturity and drive make her a pleasure to work with. Watching her push past the limits of her comfort zone on a regular basis is an inspiration to us all.”

One of the reasons recognition is so powerful is because people enjoy feeling valued. In fact, it’s a basic human need. When we openly show our gratitude to our coworkers, we are letting them know they’re important to us, and that we notice how hard they are working. This is highly motivating to the person being honored, because we all enjoy the respect of our peers.

And Sarah has definitely earned our kudos. Congratulations to her for all that she’s achieved so far on her career journey, and we look forward to seeing what she’s recognized for next. Learn more about our talented team by following AIP Inc on Twitter.