AIP Inc continues to grow throughout California, with our newest office located in the Bay Area. We’re happy to say that we’re currently recruiting for this area, looking to fill our workspace with driven and business-minded people. There’s plenty of talent in the Bay Area, so we’re excited to get this office going and reach greater heights than ever before!

Anyone who joins our team will see that ongoing growth is a major point of emphasis in our work culture. We enjoy many different options when it comes to expanding our skill sets. There are all kinds of training sessions within our office, but we also venture out to add to our industry knowledge. We attend conferences and seminars throughout the year. There are also road trips to other offices, where we share best practices and learn from our peers what’s working in far-flung markets.

One of the best parts of working for AIP Inc is the fact that promotions are based on merit only. We know our efforts will be recognized. More importantly, we know they’ll be rewarded in the form of advancement. This makes for a workplace in which motivation is never in short supply.

We’re excited to take the Bay Area by storm with an infusion of top-flight talent. Check out the AIP Inc Newswire feed to learn more about our hiring push.