On July 13, we’ll be representing AIP Inc at the Mission 50 meeting in Southern California. This prestigious event will be an amazing opportunity for us to learn from some of the best in our industry. Callum, our firm’s President, said even our newest team members will get to network with the top leaders. As an added bonus, Callum will be one of the esteemed speakers at this event!

Asking questions is one of the best things any ambitious professional can do. This is one of the biggest benefits of attending an event like the Mission 50 meeting. We get to pick the brains of high achievers from across the country, learning what works in different types of markets. Our approach to on-site marketing gets refined each time we get together with other innovators in our field.

The fact that we grow closer as people when we head out to big industry functions is icing on the cake. We get to reflect on our success and plan for AIP Inc’s next phase. When we come back to work, we’re more inspired than ever to keep our place as a leading provider of peer-to-peer marketing solutions.

The Mission 50 meeting is just the latest example of our commitment to learning away from our home office. Check out the AIP Inc Newswire for updates on all our travel events.