There’s a lot of excitement building in our AIP Inc office as we prepare to host an owners meeting right here in Phoenix. Our team is proud to host this event, which will bring together some of our colleagues from abroad. This will truly be an international gathering, and it promises a ton of networking opportunities and learning potential.

In order for us to get the most value out of this event, we plan to let others do the talking as much as possible. Callum Y., our firm’s Owner, explained that asking open-ended questions is the best way to learn from subject experts and add new names to our contact lists. He noted that getting the most information from people requires listening with intent, so we pose questions that invite detailed answers and then make it clear that we’re interested in what’s being said.

We also do our homework before any big networking function. With the owners meeting, this will be a bit easier to do. We know who will be attending this event, so we have a great chance to craft custom icebreakers and questions that reflect our career interests. By doing research on social media and LinkedIn, we’ll be well positioned to gain insights that can help us as individuals and AIP Inc as a whole.

Hosting the owners meeting will give us significant momentum for the rest of 2019. Like AIP Inc on Facebook for updates on the event and all our team travel plans.