Build an AIP Career

The AIP team exudes passion, talent, and raw energy.

We’re dedicated to powering the movement for social change by giving people the opportunity to learn business basics like how to run a campaign, building other professionals, and addressing client needs. Individuals who want one-on-one coaching and a way to progress professionally are welcome here.

Make Meaningful Progress at AIP

At AIP, we know that countless individuals want to reach their professional ambitions while making a positive impact in the world. They just aren’t sure how to do so.

We have the tools and expertise to help them facilitate change, whether it’s fighting world hunger, helping people access the medical care they need, or promoting some other worthy cause.

While our brand ambassadors ignite change, they also build satisfying careers. Here are some of the resources we offer to help them grow:

  • Classroom learning
  • Hands-on experience
  • Individualized coaching
  • Ongoing training and networking

Cohesive Relationships

Joining the AIP team is more than filling a role at a marketing and consulting company. Everyone in our group is valued for unique abilities and insights, and our support of one another yields a degree of unity that cannot be broken. Together, we enjoy the following:

  • Tropical retreats
  • Peer recognition
  • Fun bonding activities
  • An empowering work culture
  • The pursuit of common goals
  • Attendance at industry conferences

Anyone with a progressive mind-set will feel at home with AIP.

To take one step toward an extraordinary professional experience, apply to work with us today by sending cover letter and resume to