Members of Team AIP Inc enjoy a wide range of travel opportunities, learning more with every excursion. We have some exciting developmental plans for the near future, including a training trip to the U.K. Callum Y., our firm’s Owner, explained that several event managers will be chosen to head across the pond to learn from industry leaders and then bring their insights back to Arizona. When they return to the home office, our travelers will share what they’ve learned with their teammates.

Travel is one of the key drivers of our success in developing consistent performers. Venturing away from the AIP Inc office to learn from people in different markets who apply distinct approaches is always a quality learning experience. Our event managers use the insights they gain to sharpen their own methods and take on even more ambitious goals.

Callum noted that investing in team members’ professional growth is one of the best ways to show appreciation for their hard work. People who have regular chances to add new skills and knowledge are more engaged in their jobs. We’ve seen this in full effect around our workspace, where event managers know their dedication will be rewarded. Consistent efforts to improve are hallmarks of our daily work atmosphere.

We’re excited to announce who will be going to the U.K. for training.