Travel is an important and exciting part of the AIP Inc experience. Not only do trips give us the chance to meet face to face with some of the biggest names in our industry, but we also develop lifelong friendships with our colleagues that would take a lot longer to establish if we only spent time together during our normal workday routines.

Our most recent excursion took some of our top producers on a cross-country road trip to Colorado! Carlos U., Marc H., Joey W., and Tony S. drove up to the top of the U.S. and spent time in both Boulder and Denver, cross-training with other accomplished event-based outreach pros.

Everyone who earned the chance to jump in on this journey has performed exceptionally well, achieved great results, and developed their leadership skills in the office. This trip was specifically designed to give these frontrunners experience working in a different market, challenging their abilities and offering them a fresh perspective on what we do here at AIP Inc HQ. The time spent seeing the states between Arizona and Colorado, along with the memories of travelling with colleagues and friends, helped make the whole experience one that they will never forget.

When we say that being part of our team is an adventure, we mean it literally. To see where our intrepid travelers will be journeying to next, follow AIP Inc on Facebook.