If you’re a driven professional who’s looking for a rewarding new career path, you’re in luck! We’re looking for fresh talent to help make 2020 the best year yet for AIP Inc. Those who join our team will find themselves surrounded by positive, supportive people. Our work atmosphere is designed to inspire great teamwork, and help people reach their full potential.

Our focus on setting ambitious goals is one of the first things new members of Team AIP Inc notice. This emphasis begins during the initial training process, where we encourage incoming event managers to set challenging targets for themselves as they learn the ropes. We lead by example to show our newest hires that there’s always a way to improve, and something new to learn.

The fact that we have well-defined paths to advancement makes our work culture even better. We know the exact targets we need to hit in order to move up, and promotions are determined by results rather than politics or seniority. This adds up to an engaged team that’s always reaching new heights.

Recognition efforts make our firm an ideal destination as well. From the travel incentives we can earn, to the praise we receive in front of our teammates, we know our leaders really respect the hard work we put in every day.

We’re excited to keep building our team throughout 2020. Follow AIP Inc on LinkedIn for hiring news and updates.