Now that the new year has arrived, you may feel motivated to make big improvements in your life. That’s great – and we at AIP commend your efforts. We also caution that your feelings of energy and focus are going to subside at some point, so you must be prepared to rally that motivation again.

When you notice that you aren’t feeling particularly inspired, for instance, our AIP team suggests that you remember your purpose. What do you ultimately want to accomplish, and why is it so important to you? You aren’t likely to succeed if your mission contains no personal meaning, so make sure your efforts matter in some way.

It’s also helpful to look to others when you need a boost of motivation. Think about the people who have faith in you, and who you don’t want to disappoint. Also consider the positive impact you will make in others’ lives if you succeed. Finally, be sure to surround yourself with individuals who are optimistic and ambitious. Seek their insight when in need of some stimulating conversation, and remember to give them plenty of encouragement as well.

At AIP, we’ve also discovered that getting organized is a great way to regain focus and momentum. Clear your mind by writing all your thoughts, responsibilities, deadlines, and ideas on paper. Then prioritize things and schedule them accordingly.

When you take advantage of these recommendations, you’ll have no trouble getting in touch with the motivation you need.