On March 7, several members of Team AIP Inc hit the road for a whirlwind trip to San Jose, California. This adventure brought out the best in our team members, as we ventured to a different region to learn about new outreach techniques, share our own best practices, and overall build relationships with others who share our passion for success in this industry.

Business travel is one of the features that makes AIP Inc an exciting place to work. Sure, other jobs might offer chances to visit different places on occasion for a specific purpose. What makes us a tad different is we make travel a key to career growth for our people.

That’s right. AIP Inc cares about its team members’ professional development. It’s not an ends to a means for us. We realize that when everyone at AIP Inc is on a solid career path, they’re motivated to deliver excellence. This means our company and the change agents we represent benefit as well.

Travel allows our event managers to explore new regions and open their eyes to the possibilities in this industry. We’ve long known that when people realize the potential paths to success, they’re also more in tune with their own growth and will work harder to achieve it.

Add in our signature training and coaching model, ongoing recognition, plus team-building events, and we have a winning model for long-term excellence. Follow us on Instagram to see how we bring this effort together and get results.