While it’s unlikely that we’ll be invited to tea with the Queen or party with Harry and Meghan, these Americans are ready to invade England at the end of March. AIP Inc is sending several of our team members across the Atlantic for a great adventure as they network with counterparts in the U.K. offices.

Callum, Kaitlyn, Tyler, Carlos, and others are preparing for this trip of a lifetime. They will represent AIP Inc as they visit various branches and meet others who are in the on-site marketing industry. There they’ll learn what works not only for a different market, but a different country altogether. They’ll get to exchange best practices and showcase their own expertise. Most importantly, they’ll build their networks on an international level, which is something few people get the chance to do.

Of course, we’ll make plenty of time to tour this country and partake in some of the unique culture in England. Sightseeing is on deck, as well as sampling cuisine. England is renowned for fish and chips (which we know as fries), pork pies, and some great ales.

What’s great about this trip is it’s one of many Team AIP Inc can qualify to take this year. We love our travel rewards because they allow us a chance to see the world with some amazing people – our colleagues! And what’s even better, we return with some excellent insights we can apply so everyone benefits from these excursions.

So the question is: will we see Big Ben or Buckingham Palace as we make our rounds? Like us on Facebook to find out what we visited on our journey.