We’re committed to making 2019 AIP Inc’s biggest year yet, with expansion plans the major sources of excitement around our office. Callum Y., our firm’s Owner, explained that we achieved remarkable growth in 2018 and plan three expansion ventures within the first six months of 2019. It’s a great time to be a member of our team or one of the change innovators we represent.

Our expansion plans for the coming months reflect our AIP Inc commitment to setting specific goals. We don’t just want to extend our market reach; we have specific visions of how many new markets we want to enter and what these ventures will mean for our company. Having well-defined objectives in place helps us stay motivated through to successful outcomes.

Attaching a solid deadline to these growth goals also makes it easier to achieve them. We have a firm date in mind by which to achieve our ambitious objectives, so we know exactly how and when to focus our energies. As we measure our progress, we have intermediate deadlines to aim for as well. This means we’re engaged in gaining ground day by day.

Expanding means more than just new sets of consumers to reach; it also leads to opportunities within our office. Current team members will be able to advance into leadership roles, while we’ll also recruit fresh talent to help maximize each new market’s potential.

The next few months will be busy for our forward-looking event managers. Follow AIP Inc on Twitter to stay up to date on our expansion.