The AIP Inc training program is more about career development than job skills. We rotate new team members through different groups so that they have a chance to see the way our company operates from every angle. At the same time, they get to meet and learn from diverse project managers.

One of the benefits of this approach is that these experiences provide event managers with a big-picture view of their roles and how they contribute to the firm’s success. It’s much easier to think of being on a team when we have worked next to and learned from people throughout the company, and we understand the purpose behind each position.

Another important advantage of our AIP Inc curriculum is that it’s hands-on and outcome-oriented. Learning theory and textbook responses can be helpful, but we’re just as interested in real-world applications that provide measurable results. This approach increases the speed at which our new team members acclimate to our methods and begin leading projects of their own.

Leadership is the primary goal of our learning system. Executive skills like networking, delegating, and public speaking are covered and practiced so that our associates excel not only in their current roles, but in the positions to which they aspire.

Come find out what a difference our commitment to development makes. Check out our AIP Inc Newswire feed and see more examples of our training in action.