It’s hard to believe how quickly the time has gone by, but this year we’ll be celebrating our third AIP Inc anniversary! We’ve had a great time working with Callum, the firm’s Owner, and have seen incredible success in our Phoenix office. In fact, we’ve done so well that to celebrate Year Three we’ll be opening a new location in San Jose, California.

Making it to the three-year mark as a small business is a tremendous feat, and we’re proud to have been along for the ride. Callum is a great leader, and has been the driving force behind AIP Inc since day one. In fact, the way we’re celebrating the firm’s anniversary is due in part to his commitment: he knows how important it is to not only measure success, but to celebrate wins and to let team members know just how much they are appreciated.

To Callum, business is all about relationships: the bonds between coworkers, the exchange of value between businesses and customers, even the way we interact with our suppliers and vendors. Thriving for three years is proof that our approach is sound; we’re meeting customer’s needs, expanding our operations, and having a great time all the while.

Here’s to many more years of success for us, be it in Phoenix, San Jose, or wherever we expand to after that. Follow AIP Inc on Facebook to see what festivities we have in store.