Q4 is always exciting, and this year there’s even more for Team AIP Inc to enjoy. Along with the fast pace of the winter holiday season and general good cheer, we’ll also be meeting with industry leaders from across the globe for the Mission 50 Gala Dinner in San Diego!

This will be the kind of party that people talk about all year long, as the biggest names in peer-to-peer marketing come together and celebrate 2019. Not only are we looking forward to a sumptuous meal and time to relax with our peers, but we’ll also be building our networks and setting ourselves up for an even more productive 2020.

Events like the Mission 50 Gala, that focus on highlighting those who have set and hit big goals, are more than just fancy parties. Feeling appreciated for one’s efforts in the workplace is vital; it’s the fuel that encourages people to set bold goals in the first place, and to keep working toward them even when the inevitable challenges arise.

It also feels good to know that it’s ok for us to celebrate our AIP Inc victories. Too many professionals focus solely on hitting a goal, and when they do they immediately jump into their next project without taking any time to savor their victory. Parties like the Mission 50 Gala give us permission to feel good about what we’ve accomplished, and look forward to doing even more in the coming year.

The Mission 50 Gala is going to be a night to remember. Follow AIP Inc on Instagram to see live content from the event.