No matter how busy we get or how tight our budget is, we at AIP maintain a solid commitment to giving back. We hope you find ways to do so as well, whether it means skipping movie night once in a while or passing over the name-brand clothing. Your contribution can help combat the following circumstances:

  • One of seven people worldwide cannot read
  • 25 percent of the global population battles starvation
  • Every minute, 25 children die from preventable causes
  • One of five people in the world lacks access to clean water

Our AIP team would also like to note that when you give back to something larger, you benefit as well. You will feel good about yourself, gain greater appreciation for all you have, and probably meet new people and learn new things with every philanthropic endeavor. Above all, charitable giving will give you a sense of purpose – and there’s perhaps no greater purpose than making the world a better place.

The bottom line is that individuals who aspire to achieve only personal gain are often left feeling paranoid and unfulfilled. Those who practice philanthropy, be it through hands-on volunteer working, fundraising, or some other activity, are far more likely to experience the joy of satisfaction.

At AIP, we encourage you to identify which luxuries you’re willing to sacrifice and which causes you’d like to support to make a meaningful difference.