A proud member of AIP, Inc. Jermeen K.

With such a rich group of high achievers, there’s always a lot of recognition and praise exchanged throughout the AIP, Inc. workplace. Our business consultants also like to publicly express appreciation, and at this time Jermeen K. is especially deserving of it. Jermeen joined AIP, Inc. as a recent college graduate, full of energy and ready to embark on her professional journey. Committing to our mission and values really gave her direction and challenged her to find a sense of purpose. Our esteemed colleague is happy to discuss all she has learned as a result of her adventure so far. 

“This company has taught me something no other opportunity has done in the past  attitude is everything!” she exclaims. “I’ve learned a variety of skills that were enhanced by my personality. I also learned that most skills require a strong mentality as a foundation. The effort I put in is what I get out, which has really allowed me to build my identity within the company.” 

There is no doubt among us that Jermeen’s passion for helping others fuels her success. Not only is she eager to support and set the pace for others, she feels strongly about making a big impact on the world.

She says, “My biggest source of motivation is knowing that I am part of something bigger than myself.”

It’s clear that Jermeen is capable of excellence. AIP, Inc. President, Callum Young, agrees. He indicates, “She is an unbelievably driven individual. If she continues to work hard, she will change the world and make the difference she wants!” Young added, “She is very aligned with the company’s goal to care and help people achieve their dreams!” 

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